Bentley’s 2020 Flying Spur Is Its Most Formidable Yet

The 2020 Bentley Flying Spur is the automotive juggernaut’s latest offering, and is nothing short of majestic.

The third-generation luxury sedan boasts a length of 17 feet and 5 inches, and has a aluminium body, giving it a stiffer yet lighter feel. Bentley’s proprietary manufacturing procedures such as “Superforming” enable imacculate feature lines and near-impossible curves to be constructed.

Equipped with 626 horsepower, the Flying Spur officially belongs on the supercar echelon. Its 6.0- litre twin-turbocharged W12 engine serves contortion resembling that of a waterfall.

In 3.7 seconds, the Flying Spur can go from 0- 60mph, almost instantaneously, while top speed rakes in at an exhilarating 207mph. The eight-speed dual-clutch gearbox appears to switch gears while shuffling through its ratios, in such a smooth yet tasteful manner.

The Bentley’s curb weight is around 5,400 pounds yet also features collosal brakes. There are 16.54- inch ventilated iron discs at the front sporting 10- piston calipers, while its rear counterpart sports 14.96-inch ones, with four-pistons. Furthermore, the new three-chamber suspension springs pack additional air capacity by 60 percent, while 48V active anti-roll bars at the front and rear enable the supercar to quickly stiffen or disconnect from whatever activity that goes on at each wheel.

The Flying Spur’s door panels are embellished with 3D diamond-quilted leather. To achieve that, sheets of hide were soaked until they became pliable, before being shaped over a form until pyramids were created.

In terms of the interior, the Bentley has a snazzy 12.3-inch central touchscreen with navigation, Apple CarPlay, as well as the options to choose the sound system from the standard 650W variant with 10 speakers, a 1,500W Bang & Olufsen version with 16 speakers, or the 2,200W Naim system that comes with a whopping 19 speakers for aural delight.

The switchgear, fuses piano black and brushed aluminium. There’s also a touchscreen remote that slides out for the driver to control the HVAC, multimedia, seat positions, program navigation, as well as the pop-out Bentley “B “ stituated on the car’s hood.

With all these stunning and cutting-edge features, the USD214,600(~RM 898,658) starting price seems plausible for a luxury sedan that oozes so much mastery. To top it all off, Bentley will also be rolling out electrified variants of its range by 2023 as well.

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