The Ever-Changing Nature of Advertising Agencies

Change in Advertising Agencies

Advertising agencies have a come a long way, and will continue to evolve. Agencies gained prominence from communicating to mass audiences via radio and television in the early 1900s, however it’s more than obvious that the entire landscape today has been brought to a whole other echelon. 

While advertising in the 70s was implemented with the primary intention of selling, advertising in today’s world can serve a plethora of functions. 

We have seen the influence that advertising possesses, when done right it has the power to reshape and integrate into popular culture. The crux of advertising ultimately boils down to personalisation, and what consumer-based problems that the advertised product or service is to solve. 

 Adaptability is one of the key traits a business needs in order to thrive with the ever- changing nature of the digital sector. Disruption is happening all around us, at an alarming rate.  We have gone from having celebrity endorsements to having social media influencers cultivate product and brand awareness.

Advertising agencies’ roles include, but aren’t limited to value proposition design, commercial strategies, product as well as service developments. These roles are definitely expected to expand as the needs of the consumers are always mutable, changing with the times.

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